10 thoughts on “The Other Side of Truth

  1. Hi Miss Arli,
    So far papa wrote an article about children’s rights and mamma sadly got shot!
    The government took away his passport and his right of freedom. He planned to move to London taking his 2 children with him Sade and Femi. With a fake mamma , Fake passport. Sade was only 12 and Femi was 10. They cared for each over so much but after mamma died they fell to pieces.
    When the security guard was checking their passports Sade was so scared and worried while the security studied their faces, to see if the picture match.

    I think about the story so far was amazing, it was filled with action and i always want to keep on reading. The way Sade was self harming herself to let go the
    pain was shocking ! All because she missed her mamma.
    By: Neve

  2. Hi Miss Arli,
    What I have read so far is the part when we suddenly find out that Papa has been writing about the goverernment and saying non-cordial things about them.
    To be honest I disagree with Papa about doing this malicious act since he’s risking his own and family’s life in danger. On the other hand he’s warning others and telling a truth which is a bit like a hero’s action.
    I believe that they might be extremely scared since they are going to be given a fake mum, I mean how are they going to cope with that a new mother new life in London she might be extremely intrusive.
    By: Billen

  3. Dear Miss Arli,

    So far in the story The other side of truth mama has died and Femi and Sade need to move to London with a fake mother that is actually Mrs Bankole. So people don’t know that they are having a fake passport and that there mother just died when they try to look in the bags that they have Mrs Bankole gives them money. I have also read when papa has been writing about the government and the things that he has been doing and the goverment did not like it. Papa is a Journelist an that is why the government does not like it and I think that is why they killed mama.

    In my opinion on the story it is interesting and I want to read more every time we read a little bit of the story. The book has engaged me to read more because when we first read it I was like “I think think book is going to be boring” but when we read more of it I was like” this book is so interesting I want to read more of it.”
    By: Tehmina

  4. Hi Miss Arli
    So far is that Papa is a journalist and the government did not like about it and when Papa crashed his car his wife died.Also Femi ,Shade,and miss Bankole went to the airport and they had change the passport into fake names so they do not know that they are papa children and that they had money in the bags.They had passed that and they were all happy about it.They had to check the bags.The people in the airport tolds us to open the luggage, but miss Bankole was arguing with the airport people because they had nira money in the bag, and she does not want them to know about it and about the passport.

    My opinion is that it is really interesting and it is is getting more and more exciting,each time we are reading the book .

  5. Hi Miss Arli
    We have read so far that a journalist wrote in his article about the Nigeria rights. We think that his wife got shot by the government. His kids needed to go to London with a fake passport. His kids name are Sade and Femi.

    My opinion of the story is that it’s interesting because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. When we read through the chapter’s my opinion has not changed. It was getting more and more fascinating , it was absorbing me.

  6. Hi miss Arli
    So far in the book we have read that mama has died and Sade and femi have to go to London. They go with miss bankole . During the flight Sade had a dream that all her friends have gone and she will never see them again when femi started to remove his hands from hers . When they arrived they where stuck at the bag Collecting area . In the start my opinion was that papa would be killed . But in the end I found out that Sade and femi have to be sent to London

  7. Hi Miss Arli

    We have read so far that mamma has died and Sade and Femi have to go to London. The reason why Femi and Sade had to go to London is because they can be more safer there. Because mamma had died they had to go with mamma bankole .So that means mamma bankole had to be a fake mother .
    My opinion to the book is that mamma wasn’t suppose to be shot papa was. The reason why i think this is because pappa was a journalist and he writes the truth but the government does not agree to what he write so that is what i think.

    By Swatika

  8. To Miss Arli,

    So far in the book I have read that mama has died and because of that Sade and Femi ( Ade and Yemi ) have to use fake passports,a fake mother ( Mrs Bankole) to live in London.After a while they would go to their Uncle Deli who is a person they both know.On the flight to London Sade was dreaming whether she would see her friends again which I think won’t happen! I predict that soon Papa would be killed for still writing the article about the rights in Nigeria.

  9. Hi Miss Arli
    So far we’ve have read up to when Sade and Femi was questioned about personal information. Also the lady that is questing Sade and Femi is called Iyawo-jenny. They felt a bit unconftable telling her about how they got to London and who their with. Sade and Femi was also wondering about Mrs Bankole , did she really leave them?
    By Neve

  10. Hi Miss Arli
    So far we are on the part when Iyawo-Jenny (the Social Worker) introduces Sade and Femi to Mr Nathan.My Opinion about Papa is they he is going to die in jail with the other Ogoni Leaders that still remain alive and survived.Also one Ogoni leader Ken-Saro-Wiwa ( follower and who was with uncle Tunde) 5 was executed or Beheaded because he was caught red handed by the police.

    My Opinion about the book is that I am enjoying the book because I wonder What school will Sade and Femi go to and will they find a new friend there to help them.

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